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Enterprise Meter Data Management (EMDM)

A smarter way to engage utility customers and deliver consumption transparency. Access smart meter data and facilitate customer engagement with a user-friendly utility portal. It leverages the full potential of utility meter data. From meter rollout to customer engagement, UTIL360 EMDM is the robust foundation that fits into the Utility need to get the most value from smart meter data. It is part of a complete and scalable end-to-end meter operations platform for multiple utilities that include water, gas, electric, and solar :

Some of the key features are listed below:

Expand and encourage self-service

Customers access the system for 24X7 customer support.

Detect Leaks, High Usage, And Notify Customers

Reminds and keeps alert regarding resource consumption, so that customers may manage their utilization.

Minimize phone calls and office visits

Minimizing the phone calls as well as Customers’ footfalls also.

Automated Data Management

Streamline data capture and management, synchronizing data across utility systems for all meters, whether scalar or interval.

Robust Validation, Estimation, and Editing (VEE)

Use sophisticated prebuilt VEE and usage calculations for all meter types to more easily support complex billing operations and minimize exceptions.

Service Order Management

Automate service order management to support meter-to-cash processes.

Analytics Insights

Drive better meter operations outcomes with machine-learning insights, automated exception prioritization, meter failure detection, meter deployment tracking, theft and loss detection, and more.

Information Lifecycle Management

Automate data archiving to reduce storage costs. Leverage rich, configurable business rules to define data archive eligibility, flexible database storage options such as compression and partitioning, and the ability to simulate various storage scenarios.


Scale and flex to take on new volumes and sources of data no matter where utility is in the smart meter journey.

Rich Customer Information System (CIS) Integrationrts

Improve billing consistency and support meter-to-cash operations by pre-integration with both UTIL360 CIS and a rich third-party CIS integration architecture.

Smart Device Management

Easily maintain comprehensive knowledge of device characteristics, health, configuration, compliance, and associated tasks.

Smart Grid Gateway

Avoid meter vendor lock-in throughout the advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) journey.

Analytics Visualization

Gain insight into the meter and device performance. Monitor performance of automated VEE processes, and manage billing exceptions more efficiently with prebuilt data and meter KPIs, prioritized dashboards, and analytic insight.

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