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Access smart meter data and facilitate customer engagement with a user-friendly utility portal.

EMD is an employee and customer portal solution for water, electric, and gas utilities with an installed Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system. Using advanced analytics, it monitors consumption for all smart meters in your service area. Account information can be accessed by customers anytime, anywhere from any device 24/7/365.

Expand and encourage self-service

Customers access the system 24 hrs., there is no down time so why should you? Util360 offers 24X7 customer support.

Detect Leaks, High Usage And Notify Customers

Rely on Util360's EMD, which reminds you and keeps you alert regarding resources consumption, so you may manage your utilization.

Minimize phone calls and office visits

Listening to the telephone ring is a waste of the employee's time, especially if he is going to voice mail anyway. With Util360 minimize your calls.

A Smart Meter Portal for Utility Providers and Customers

Reduce Office Costs and Improve Efficiency

With near real-time access to smart meter data, usage information, and intuitive charts and graphs, utilities can provide on-demand AMI transparency and more efficient customer service while increasing staff productivity.

  • Troubleshoot and monitor the utility’s entire service area through a clerk dashboard.
  • Review consumption patterns and quickly determine the status of an account, reducing costly on-site visits.
  • Detect leaks or abnormal usage and Proactively alert customers via email, call, or text.
  • Log previous leak or abnormal usage information to customer accounts for future reference.
  • Prevent lost revenue from smart meter malfunctions, theft, and customer errors.
  • Reduce routine calls and office visits with customer self-service.
  • View up-to-date statistics regarding total community consumption, number of alerts and their severity, number of smart meters reporting, and more.
  • Integrate with Tyler’s Incode Utility Billing solution and all major AMI systems.

Empower Customers to Take Charge of Utility Usage

Deliver on-demand smart meter data and consumption information for customer self-service.

  • Set usage and billing thresholds.
  • Receive threshold and leak alerts before they happen and avoid potentially high bills.
  • Access smart meter data to view yearly, monthly, daily, or hourly usage information in easy-to-understand graphs.
  • Compare current vs. previous consumption data to track and control utility expenses.
Extending Your Digital Reach
While Keeping a Physical Distance

Implementation / Technical Details

  • Supports hosted or cloud environment deployment.
  • Access all EMD logic via our RESTful API technology.
  • Audit and track changes made by a users
  • Supports SQL Server or Oracle.
  • Modules are developed in JAVA, PHP & Python according to need.
  • Based on the modern industry security standards.
  • 100% Up time.
  • Build on modern SAS based cloud technologies.
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