Enterprise Utility Management (EUM)

Efficiency Redefined, Satisfaction Amplified

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Enhancing Efficiency, Elevating Satisfaction

Enhancing Efficiency, Elevating Satisfaction

Experience the transformation of utility management with Enterprise Utility Management (EUM). Designed to enhance customer satisfaction, increase revenue, and optimize business processes, EUM offers comprehensive functionality, an exceptional user experience, and flexible configuration tools.

Streamline Operations, Boost Revenue

Enhancing customer satisfaction, increasing revenue, and making business processes more efficient.Take advantage of the comprehensive functionality, exceptional user experience, and flexible configuration tools EUM offers.

Streamline Operations, Boost Revenue

Automate repetitive tasks, digitize paper-based processes, and improve revenue streams effortlessly with advanced automation capabilities.

Effortless Customization for Rule Changes

Easily adapt rules, rates, and actions to meet new requirements quickly and efficiently.

Seamless Access to Crucial Information

Access data swiftly and efficiently with EUM's user-friendly interface and embedded tools. 

Modern and Flexible Infrastructure

Built on modern SaaS architecture and state-of-the-art technologies, EUM provides a flexible design to adapt to evolving utility management needs.

Comprehensive Utility Management Solutions

Unlocking the Power of EUM's Specialized Modules

Enterprise Meter Data Management (EMD)

Skillfully handle large amounts of data for efficient meter data management.

Enterprise Billing Management (EBM)

Manage bills through a verified and transparent process, presenting charged amounts clearly.

Business Intelligence Dashboard

Analyze business information through four-level digging graphs for effortless growth assessment.

Enterprise Cashiering Solution (ECS)

Convenience, security, and flexibility in cashiering solutions for local governments and public administration organizations.

Enterprise Collection Management (ECM)

Ensure timely collection of finances and automate receivables processes for real-time collaboration.

Enterprise Payment Gateway (EPG)

Leading, user-friendly payment gateway integration provider for in-store, online, or mobile transactions.

Enterprise Customer Management (ECM)

A single source of truth for businesses, offering a 360° view of customers on a cloud platform.

Enterprise Finance Management (EFM)

Automate and streamline finance processes, improving efficiency and reducing back-office costs.

Enterprise Service Order Management (ESO)

Design, assign, schedule, and manage service-based and meter-based service orders operational efficiency.

Why Choose EUM

EUM - The Future of Utility Management

Explore how EUM is shaping the future of utility management. With advanced features, flexible configurations, and a commitment to innovation, EUM paves the way for utilities to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape. Experience efficiency, customer satisfaction, and revenue optimization like never before.

EUM - The Future of Utility Management
Why Choose EUM for Your Utility Management Needs

Why Choose EUM for Your Utility Management Needs

Discover the compelling reasons why EUM stands out as the preferred choice for utility management. From its sophisticated automation capabilities to seamless access to crucial data and its future-ready SaaS architecture, EUM is the strategic solution for enhancing customer satisfaction, increasing revenue, and streamlining business processes.

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