Customer information system (CIS360)

A Cloud-Optimized Customer Information System

Elevating Utility Management to the Cloud 360

Elevating Utility Management to the Cloud

Unlock the power of Util360's AWS-certified solution, CIS360 - your gateway to a multi-utility system covering water, electricity, gas, solar, and more. Experience a next-gen meter-to-cash system designed to keep utilities competitive in today's fast-paced technological landscape.

Efficiency in Every Feature

Unlock a suite of powerful features designed to enhance utility management

Real-Time Leak Alerts

Swiftly identify and address invisible water leaks.


Consumption Trends

Visualize and compare consumption data in your neighborhood.


Electronic Payments

Conveniently view and pay bills online.



Targeted Customer Communications

Tailor outreach to specific business or program needs.


Household Water Use Comparisons

Promote residential water conservation through social comparisons.

Customized Savings Recommendations

Receive personalized tips for saving water and money.


Top-Notch Customer Services

Exceed customer expectations with exceptional service.



Group Messenger for Mass Customized Outreach

Engage with your audience at express speed.


Rebate Program Participation Metrics

Promote water-efficient technologies through participation metrics.


Why Choose CIS360

Discover the advantages of adopting CIS360

Discover the advantages of adopting CIS360
Ready to Transform Your Customer Platform

Why Choose CIS360

Ready to Transform Your Customer Platform?

Embark on a journey of transformation with CIS360. Explore its capabilities, streamline operations, and embrace the future of utility management.

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Experience the Future of Utility Management

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