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Our Specialization

Our product expertise is strengthened by the fact that many of our employees have years of experience working at public sector agencies

Water Conservation Management

UTIL360 believes that Water Conservation – Water Efficiency – Wasting Less Water – are all essential parts of adapting to save water programs and building resilience in our systems and tackling water usage. Water efficiency is an economic, social, and environmental opportunity – it has an important role to play in a green economy, big society, and safeguarding the environment.

Water Audits and Compliances Management

UTIL360 water audits and compliance management provides our customers with greater water efficiency solutions, and cost savings, to meet policies, comply with legal obligations or demonstrate our customers' commitment to sustainability. It helps in incorporating water bills SB 555 and SB 606.

Customer Engagement with Analytics Management

Customer Analytics Platform is a next-generation Machine Learning, Al & Cloud-based Water Loss Tracking Platform that will help our customers to track and monitor water use effectively by lowering the non-revenue water and be compliant with the state legislations.

Water/Gas/Electricity/ Renewable Energy Management

UTIL360 system brings seamless integration to all complex Apps. Our Simple and Powerful solution allows us to prioritize where technology delivers the most value without increasing complexity.

Meter Data Management

Provides an interface seamless from the mobile technician device to the main system (e.g. historic meter consumption high / lows, trouble codes). Review of meter types, meter inventory process and controls, manufacturers, units, and other pertinent meter information.

Utility Billing Management

Quickly and affordably address special utility billing needs with minimal business or IT disruption. Get end- to-end rate management, usage and charge calculations, and bill preparation in an easy-to-manage and secure solution on UTIL360 Cloud.

Key Features

Highly Customized

The features can be easily turned on or off as per the needs.

Seamless Integration

It can easily and quickly integrate with any third-party application.

Rich Analytic Dashboard

By condensing multiple reports down into visuals, such as graphs charts, tables, and metrics, and displaying those visuals on a single page at a glance.

Dynamic Content

The look and feel along with the content can be changed at any time.

Multiple Communication Channels

The supported channels are notifications, alerts, messages, etc.

Manage Autopay

It allows you to pay bills online.

Monthly Usage History

The monthly usage history can be seen in different graphs like a bar, charts, etC.

My Water Score

It shows the water usage score as of the date.

Monthly Billing History

The monthly billing history can be seen in different graphs like a bar, charts, etc.

View Bill PDF

The bills can be seen in pdf format and generate e-billing awareness.

ADA Compliant Portal:

Special emphasis is given on the Pay Bill, Usages, Notifications, Billing Info, and service requests to make it specially-enabled content.

Water Conservation


Water Audit and Compliance Tools and Techniques

Water User Survey, Water Loss Audit, Compliances, Annual Conservation Report, Utility Profiles suited to the requirements of the consumers, Water Conservation Plan.

Water Conservation Reports

Monthly Water Loss Tracking SB 555, Daily/Weekly Water Loss Tracking SB 555, Water Budget SB 606 Compliance, AAWWA Online Audit v5.

Utility goals achieved

Made water bills affordable for vulnerable households, Increase sustainable consumer behaviour, Water efficiency made a very visible and effective element of society.

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