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Enterprise Cashiering & Finance Management

Cashiering through UTIL360 is all about convenience, security, and flexibility. It offers integrated cashiering solutions for not only local government but public administration organizations as well. Accepting payments from constituents can be a challenge if Utility does not have a software solution that is both flexible and intuitive to use .

  • Citizens can easily make full or partial payments and payments on multiple bills in a single transaction
  • Citizens can make payments using a combination of credits cards, checks, or cash and receive a single receipt.
  • The utility can integrate UTIL360 solutions and provide real-time access to balances across multiple applications and departments from business licenses and property taxes to utilities and fines.

Provides Secure Payment Processing

UTIL360's Cashiering stands alone from other UTIL360 applications and does not store billing and customer data. Instead, each integrated receivable system maintains its billing and customer databases — information from which is served upon demand to Cashiering as an invoice and presented for payment. Cashiering requests billing information, customer details, amounts due, and line item charges from a variety of billing sources and confirms payments in real time via secured web services. Other essential security features include:

  • PCI/PA-DSS security standards and Image Cash Letter (Check 21) compliance
  • Chip card (EMV) hardware meets all POS best practices via approved gateway providers
  • Cash drawer limits access and the maximum amount of cash on hand through security controls
  • User permissions control data access, activity levels, transaction processing, and more
  • Ensures gateway approval through integrated credit card authorization before completion of a transaction

Supports Efficient Workflow

Designed to meet the specific needs of the public sector, Utility can set up payment types to provide a customized collection experience for each type of payment the agency accepts. A seamless interface exists even when payment types represent items from multiple subsystems.

  • Configurable support for payments in full, partial payments, and overpayments .
  • All types of tender and combinations processed
  • Compatible with most existing hardware such as convenient OCR and handheld bar code scanners.
  • Supports point of sale (POS) and batch mail processing modes of transaction entry
  • Keeps running batch totals for several transactions, payments, and tenders.
  • Reduces the number of keystrokes and mouse clicks per transaction.
  • Provides detailed and summary batch reporting for transactions, payments, and tenders

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