Util360 helps Utilities Conserve Water Using AWS

Util360 helps Utilities Conserve Water Using AWS

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Water conservation is the careful, mindful use and safety of the water. It requires both the quantity and the quality of the water used. Water is an essential fuel for the survival of all living.

As the human population grows, there has been a real demand for water resources. The lack of maintenance of traditional water sources such as rivers and dams, the uncaring and ill-treatment of groundwater, and the inaccurate preservation of surface water implementations have made the problem even more serious.

This problem appears to have not yet been addressed in the coming years, and thus, future generations will struggle. The Following Graphic shows how much water is being wasted.

Saving water, time, and money through water conservation can benefit Utilities and their customers in the summer and throughout the year. It is defined as the “beneficial reduction in water use, waste and loss” and is proven to be the most economical and environmentally protective management tool for meeting water supply challenges.

Util360 is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) powered Customer Driven, Forward Thinking Customer Information and Utility Management Software. Our suite of solutions covers every aspect of Utility operations, ranging from Utility Billing, Meter Data Management, and Payment Solutions. We strive to provide solutions to help our Customers deliver excellence in digital customer service and engagement. Our Solutions Support Water, Gas, as well as Electricity Utility Providers all over the World.

Here’s how Util360 is Utilizing the power of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) automatic scaling and secure cloud for its Utility system to help Utilities and its Customers to achieve Water Conservation Goals, save water and reduce service usage.

Energy Saved is Energy Created

Util360 uses its AWS-powered Digital Utility Platform for Scalability and processing to develop a comprehensive approach to regulating energy and water usage. We strive to reduce water leakage and operating costs while reducing consumption by up to 50 percent. Here are some ways in which our Platform is helping to achieve conservation goals.

Educate Customers on the Need for Conservation

Util360’s Water Reports generated through AWS’s Cloud ML Processing to offer Customized message delivery over mobile, email, and print and can be tailored to the specific reduction targets or irrigation schedules instituted by the Utility.

Reduce Water Usage by an Average of 5%

Communicating Goals

Individual household reduction goals are dynamically through Util360’s Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning calculations and then delivered to residents through easy-to-understand visual communication.

Tracking and Reporting Compliance

The Util360’s Analytics Dashboard provides a special drought module that provides charts on overall conservation trends, detailed household performance reports, and visibility into which customer segments are complying with reduction goals.

Detect and Alert residents to Possible Leaks

Advanced Metering Infrastructure and Non-AMI Leak Detection

Util360’s Subscription reports are sent directly to your inbox, which detail likely leaks due to the persistent increase in consumption, regardless of consumption read frequency. We rank leaks by severity and offer a simple view of resolved and outstanding Leaks.

Leak Resolution

Util360’s Platform delivers irregular water-use alerts directly to homeowners over SMS or email. This provides faster leak Resolution, reduced water loss, improved property protection, and better customer relations.

Detect and Notify Irrigation Violators

Irrigation Analytics

Util360 can detect irrigation Patterns from interval consumption data for water suppliers with AMI and deliver a report of likely violators, thus improving compliance and reducing enforcement costs.

Violation Reports

Both AMI and non-AMI water suppliers are offered reports on possible compliance on the part of residential customers. Irrigation Violation reports allow utilities to target specific customer segments with compliance messaging before resorting to more stringent Penalties.

Need for Water Conservation

Despite the reliance on freshwater by humans and their commercial operations, clean water supplies are becoming more challenging to find. The impact of climate change, droughts, increasing agricultural needs, pollution, and population growth on freshwater supplies is widespread.

We must all make smart choices to save water, Utilizing modern technologies and Systems to spread awareness and encourage water conservation.

Power of Technology to Conserve Water and Energy

As an organization, Utilities must communicate and engage with its customers more than ever in a connected world.

Today, utility customers expect their providers to provide them with information, increasing their knowledge about the risks associated with wasting water and providing personalized recommendations for managing their water consumption.

Util360, with the power of AWS, is helping utilities to seamlessly interact with consumers on their favorite devices and easily send information that helps them track and manage their water usage through notifications, alerts, and self-service portals. Visit Util360 to Learn more.

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