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Enterprise Utility Management (EUM)

Enhancing customer satisfaction, increasing revenue, and making business processes more efficient.Take advantage of the comprehensive functionality, exceptional user experience, and flexible configuration tools EUM offers:


Automate repetitive tasks, put paper-based processes online, and improve your revenue stream, all without expensive customization.

Access the data

Access the data and information quickly and easily when needed, with EUM’s easy-to-use interface and embedded tools to deliver first-rate customer service.

Eliminate budget-breaking

Eliminate budget-breaking, custom coding projects using the sophisticated configuration tools EUM offers. Change rules, rates, and actions easily and quickly as new requirements emerge.

SaaS architecture

Built on the modern SaaS architecture, flexible design, and state-of-the-art technologies.

Enterprise Meter Data Management (EMD)

Large amounts of data is always tacky to handle and require great deal of time and attention. Thus Util360 offers meter data management and handles large amounts of data with the help of skillful individuals and techniques..

Enterprise Billing Management (EBM)

Team of Util360 manages your bill through a verified and just process. We segregate your consumed units and present total amount charged by you through clear procedure.

Business Intelligence & Dashboard (BID)

We offer data analysis of business information with the help of four level digging graphs; daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. Under the assistance of this visual aid (graphical representation) Customer can effortlessly assume one's growth either yearly, monthly, weekly or daily.

Enterprise Cashiering Solution (ECS)

Cashiering through UTIL360 is all about convenience, security, and flexibility. It offers integrated cashiering solutions for not only local government but public administration organizations as well.

Enterprise Collection Management (ECM)

UTIL360's integrated collection Management ensures timely collection of finances and automates receivables processes while integrating with the customers, to enable close collaboration with real-time access..

Enterprise Payment Gateway (EPG)

UTIL360 EPG is the leading, user-friendly payment gateway integration provider for in-store, online, or mobile transactions – hassle-free. It provides a complete, simple, and secure electronic bill presentation and payment solution. Our SaaS platform provides flexible and always up-to-date online payment solutions that can be configured to meet the Utility’s unique needs.

Enterprise Customer Management (ECM)

The UTIL360 ECM acts as a single source of truth for the business and provides a 360° view of the customers, by capturing and combining customer experiences in one place. Built on a cloud platform that incorporates best practices and applied emerging technologies, UTIL360 Cloud ECM offers tools simple enough for business users to manage, yet powerful enough for developers to extend. UTIL360 ECM applications are innovative and flexible and provide consistent performance and security.

Enterprise Finance Management (EFM)

Automate and streamline finance with UTIL360’s EFM– from reconciliation and consolidation to compliance and reporting. UTIL360’s accounting software helps finance leaders design, transform and streamline their processes and operations. It seamlessly couples core finance and accounting functions with strong compliance management, which improves business performance and increases financial close efficiency while reducing back-office costs.

Enterprise Service Order Management (ESO)

Design, assign, schedule, and manage service-based and meter-based service orders. It offers enterprise-level services in order management and gives clients the edge of reliability. It makes it easy to manage resources, track events, and monitor Workflow in real-time. UTIL360 ESOM delivers the first-of-its-kind solution for service order automation designed specifically for utility process optimization in the age of smart meter technology. With UTIL360 ESOM, utilities leverage a centralized, predictive model to improve operational efficiency and drive down costs and execute a perfectly orchestrated, streamlined smart meter program.

Some of the key features are listed below:

Bill Calculations

Set rates, and any combination of rates and services. Calculate bills periodically based on meter readings or flat rates.


Define services that are calculated based on other services (e.g. sewerage, pro-rata shared services, etc.).

Electronic Invoices

With UTIL360 Utility can prepare bills to be sent via regular post, email, SMS, or to the customer portal. UTIL360 billing doesn’t provide the SMS messaging service; this is integrated with the Utility’s service providers.

Smart Meter Integration

Option to integrate the billing solution with external systems, such as meter reading gateways, for automatic data upload.

Validation & Estimation

Manage bulk manual data entry with a sophisticated error-control system. Before the billing process, the system comprehensively validates the data and issues warnings about incomplete data or significant differences from average usage patterns.


Any kind of integration is possible with other systems, such as ERP, bank gateways, SMS messaging, debt collection, client portals, etc.

Meter Asset Management

Track Utility’s meter maintenance. UTIL360 has an in-built fixed asset tracking solution, to see where the meter is located when it needs repairing or replacing, and other meter-related information.


Track multiple locations for individual customers. With UTIL360 Utility can manage multiple locations for one client, and bill them on one or separate bills depending on the client's needs.


Create customized reports. The utility can create any report and export it to doc, pdf, CSV, xls formats. Some reports can be created by the user, while others need special set-ups, and required help can be provided.

Client Portal

Customers can see their bills and consumption and payment histories, enter meter readings, communicate with their service provider, and pay for services online (optional).

Direct debit

UTIL360 provides a direct debit option (which requires an appropriate agreement with the Utility's bank and clients). A direct debit or direct withdrawal is a financial transaction, in which one person withdraws funds from another person's bank account.

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