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Cashiering Management Solution


Will the solution you’re looking into properly provide alerts for important events, such as data or runtime errors?
Or will it simply grind to a halt with no warning?

Connector scalability

Will your solution responsively add support for new connectors or enhance existing connectors? If the tool you're researching doesn't address your exact use case and doesn't have a proven history of creating native integrations very quickly, it might not do so for a while!


Will your solution price integration services to enable you to scale? Unfortunately, several early Middleware tools still use outdated pricing models that charge additional fees per user or per individual connector.

Data scalability

Will your solution properly scale with your task-related needs? In order to help you accomplish your most important work, you need a solution that is capable of managing variable quantities of data as you scale your processes to flow more data between your various stack applications.


Ameliorating citizen services

Scalable features would be embraced in your phone application by our talented and skilled Neoteric team member. This would allow you to save time and get maximum benefits, being economical. In addition to this, service provided to you would enable you to yield more and indelible profit out of your investments. Therefore, we can ensure a healthy and long lasting relationship with our respected clients.

Solution to the obstacles

it is no less than a daring challenge to receive payments from constituents, when you do not have a reliable software solution. Utill60 provides you with intuitive and flexible software solution to remove the obstacles from your path of success.

Multitude accession

You make payments through multitude cards or Cheques and get vexed with receipts? Now you may use a combination of various cards or Cheque and with Util360 receive single receipts for all of them.

Single transaction

Util360 offers you single transaction method through which you can effortlessly pay full or partial payment for various bills using simple one transaction.


Util360 solutions can be easily integrated, one may provide real time access to multiple applications and departments. That may vary from business licenses to property taxes and can be realized for either utilities or fines.

Payment process; secured & reliable

Util360 cashiering is not like other Util360's applications, rather it maintains confidentiality and secures its customer's data and billing information because it does not store the crucial data as it is. To ensure privacy and confidentiality each integrated receivable system, maintains its own billing and customer database. Later on, on demand of Util360 cashiering, information from these databases are served for payment in form of invoice.

Not only this but billing information, Amounts documents, customer details and line item changes are requested from various billing resources and payments are confirmed in real time through Util360's secured web services. Other crucial security characteristics of Util360 involves:


Data access and activity levels transaction Processing are all preceded after users verified permission.


Initially, gateway approves are insured via verification of integrated credit cards to complete transaction.

Check and balance

Cash drawer limits access and large amounts are handed over after strict check and security control.

Data Billing

Billing information, Details Amounts and charges are retrieved by Util360 cashiering from various billing sources through standard integration that takes place between APL and web services based on XML.

Billing information

You may request for billing information from an external system in XML format and transaction details would be provided on billing system automatically.

Reporting our client

Cash station manager is provided with a high level report which involves overview of item, fee and sales tax amount collected for respective days. Data is collected on daily basis and crystal clear reports are submitted. Moreover, deposit report is submitted which lists tender for every transaction and total, done by deposit account is also provided.

Integration via third Party

With Util360 cashiering, creation of all payments types is required which is provided by the external system that may involve real state, utility or billing of personal property.

Virtual Tape

Virtual tape is featured by Util360, the purpose of this tape is to serve as an electronic version of traditional receipt spool tape. Moreover, for all batch activities it provides a running tape. Researching previous activities and reviewing them is now no big deal with this valuable tool.

Payment Procedures

Under the systems of Util360 cashiering, one can also predefine payment types which the respective agency accepts in order to provide a customized collection experience. Moreover, payment can be received Utilising one account only, besides this, when it comes on transaction Util360 offers you single transaction method through which you can effortlessly pay full or partial payment for various bills using simple one transaction.

Payment Process

Authentic searches are carried out for particular payment type and real time balances are shown. Then, Furthermore, it allows configurable receipts to be printed and an email is sent over completion of transaction.

More to explore

Transaction data is organized, processed and managed with the help of batch. badge information includes; status and owner, both of them are maintained under batch ownership. Moreover, user's permission is strictly observed for activity levels transaction and specific user interface features. Cashiering process is made efficient and speedy through reducing the keystrokes and mouse clicks.

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