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Util360 Strengths

  • Strong team of professional human resource personnel.
  • Solid background in recruiting for a wide range of project teams to address challenging projects.
  • Distinguished itself as an employer of repute for over a decade.
  • Huge national network of supporting infrastructure - personnel, offices and advertising mechanisms.
  • Access to international assistance and investment.
  • Proven training capabilities in previous 'team building' endeavors.
  • Customizable methodologies.

People Resources - the Util360 Difference

  • Wide spectrum of Technical Skills and Industry Knowledge.
  • Over a decade of experience in building off-shore and on-site consulting/project teams.
  • Agile, SCRUM and BI Training.
  • Strong candidate pre-qualification process.
  • Realistic pricing.
  • Strategic recruitment process.
  • Creative Skills Configuration.

Our History

August 01, 2013 was Founded
January 05, 2014 Registered as Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Launched EducationMS
January 10, 2015 Reached 100 Customers Globally
Launched SMStoGlobe.com
Launched ProAgents
February 10, 2016 Setup Another Branch.
Launched VoltaPay
Resource Partners with Incredible Antivirus Corp.
Launched IDMS
Launched Kaise.PK
January 15, 2017 Founded Entrepreneurship Center.
Founded Children Company Named iERP System
August 01, 2017 Nominated 100 Most Innovative Startups in USA. Util360
December 30, 2017 Reached 500 Customers Globally.
5 Startups are Ready to Serve the World
Resource Partnership with Splendid Mark
Targets For November 2018 Successfully deployed at 14 cities in Canada                              
On Target for 2020 Branching to New Mexico