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Util360 Strengths

  • Strong team of professional human resource personnel.
  • Solid background in recruiting for a wide range of project teams to address challenging projects.
  • Distinguished itself as an employer of repute for over a decade.
  • Huge national network of supporting infrastructure - personnel, offices and advertising mechanisms.
  • Access to international assistance and investment.
  • Proven training capabilities in previous 'team building' endeavors.
  • Customizable methodologies.

How is Utill-360 different?

  • Wide spectrum of Technical Skills and Industry Knowledge.
  • Over a decade of experience in building off-shore and on-site consulting/project teams.
  • Agile, SCRUM and BI Training.
  • Strong candidate pre-qualification process.
  • Realistic pricing.
  • Strategic recruitment process.
  • Creative Skills Configuration.

Extending Your Digital Reach While Keeping a Physical Distance

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