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Utility Management Solution

Serve all your customers with an integrated platform from meter to customer. Available on premises and in the cloud, our market-leading utility billing and customer care solutions help you deliver service excellence, reduce cost-to-serve, and prepare for change.

Utility Management Solution

Real-time visualization and analyses platform via intelligent graphical user interface, one-line diagram, Geospatial view, and digital dashboards. Real-time predictive simulation, event playback, load forecasting, system automation and more.

Utility Management Solution

Our Gas Management Solutions (GMS) deliver a range of capabilities unmatched by any other single vendor.As with all of our Energy Solutions International offerings, since 2013 we've been delivering the innovation you need, integrated where you need it most, to maximize the value of your technology, your people and your products across your enterprise.

Utility Management Solution

A Web-based commercial business utility-analytics platform that helps operators reduce expenses and increase net operating income value.Since 2013 we've been delivering the innovation you need, integrated where you need it most.

Extending Your Digital Reach
While Keeping a Physical Distance

Heavy-Duty Enterprise Integration


Are you looking for a solution that would keep you alert regarding important events; data or routine error? Util360 keeps you informed and alert while, it would never topple without forewarning.

Connector scalability

The mere objective of an ideal solution, is to enhance the existing connector along with supporting new connectors. Constructing native integration swiftly, should be the foremost task of an organization. Therefore Util360 not only executes integration rapidly, but also meet its client's demands.


Util360's top most priority is to gain its customer’s trust and satisfaction. In order to achieve this, Util 360 guards and secures the data and information of its client at any rate.

Data scalability

Customer desire for a solution that is capable of managing large quantities of data. Moreover, an exemplary solution would scale properly with task- related needs. Util360 presents such an ideal solution to its client which makes data scaling far more easy and convenient.



With the team of skillful individuals and technical resources we provide variety of services to our customers. Enlisted here are the services provided by Util360:

Customer Portal

In customer portal customer would be able to view the previous records. For instance; billing, payment history and consumption. Customer would receive alerts regarding bill payment, outage, leakage and over consumption. Besides this, one can view bill in PDF format as well.

Customer Portal Mobile App (iOS, Android)

Customer can easily download the mobile application in Android or iOS system and can enjoy all facilities of customer portal on one's Smartphone involving history, alert and many more.

Customer Information File

We provide you with special information section where you can easily add, edit or delete any information from your information file. Your data remains completely confidential and secure with Util360. You can easily check your personal details from customer information file.

Accounts Aids Management

Util360 Provides Efficient way to manage multiple accounts for various service locations using Account Aid Management. It offers accounts help administration through which you can connect your different Service locations with one account and Manage them all effortlessly.

System Overview Solution

We present graphical representation of all the data and records along with stats and numerical data. Therefore, you can visually experience reports and comprehend with convenience.

Assets Management

Assets Management helps you plan, assign, schedule, record, and collaborate on inspections of critical assets. Connect teams, manage Workflows, and keep track of assets easily.

Collection & Delinquency Management Solution

Util360 offers special delinquency management solutions through which a person has to clear all his/ her debts by hook or by crook.

Outage Management Solution

Util360 might know something that you do not! Therefore, we notify you timely and perform our duty. We keep a keen eye on every blackout, failure, interruption in Gas, electricity or water resources and then warn our customers beforehand.

Notifications / Alerts Management Solution

Util360 provides real-time Notifications and Alert System, delivering you on time cautions concerning bill installment, over utilization of assets, blackouts, and much more. We stay watchful and attempt our level best to keep you alert. which ensures meaning happier customers.

Business Intelligence Dashboard & Analytics

We offer data analysis of business information with the help of four level digging graphs; daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. Under the assistance of this visual aid (graphical representation) Customer can effortlessly assume one's growth either yearly, monthly, weekly or daily.

Employee Management Solution

Util360 presents effective employee management tools that you might need, to manage your employees information, performance and engagement. Util360 helps you to organize your employee inventory and make your business more manageable.

Payment Processing Solution

Payment transactions are automated using you Util360's trustworthy alert and secure computer processes. We ensure the safety of our client’s data and take inviolable anti fraud measures.

Content Management Solution

Util360 provides its customer ideal content management solutions. The back and control of a portal are managed enthusiastically by Util360's team.

Ticket Management Solution

Manage a large number of tickets across multiple channels by integrating all communication channels at one place, all simplified with Ticket Management Solution.

Cashiering App

Cashiering app allows the user to receive payments plain and simple, without any formal financial process. it's all about receiving the payment.

Customer Usages

Util360 offers clear and clean information to its customer. Browsing, downloading, streaming and usage of customer services by customer, all are gathered and presented in front of client to make everything crystal clear.

Billing Management Solution

The team of Util360 manages your bill through a verified and just process. We segregate your consumed units and present total amount charged by you through clear procedure.

Financial Management Solution

Our ambition is to meet your demands within available resources and finances. Therefore, we efficiently manage financial resources to meet our customer’s goals and objectives. Besides this, we represent honest reporting to ensure our customer’s satisfaction.

Meter Data Management Solution

Large amounts of data is always tacky to handle and require great deal of time and attention. Thus Util360 offers meter data management and handles large amounts of data with the help of skillful individuals and techniques.

Rates and Usage Management Solution

Create virtually unlimited straightforward and complex rate configurations and Take full control over your rate structure, even its most complex elements, without any customizing, and Efficiently manage Usage Data.


Extending Your Digital Reach While Keeping a Physical Distance

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