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Util360 serves to be a pioneer software in integration either it’s ERP, CRM or IVR, any system could be integrated utilising Util360. Our aim is to meet our client’s technological requirements under the assistance of finest talent and deliver mastery solutions in the field of engineering, application programming and project leadership.

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Machines have replaced papers and Util360 app could replace your troubles with ease. Save yourself from trouble of paper management and utilise mobile application.

All In One

Your all stumbling block's solution is provided by one platform and that is Util360 Mobile application. From paying bills to monitoring resources, all could be managed by 1 app.


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Util360 CIS-Mobile App Features

Util360 being an SAS Based solution, provides opportunity to customer to monitor and control water consumption based on daily and monthly usage. Moreover, you may also check your billing history along with following appealing features

Pay Your Bill

Pay your bill with one click and save your time and energy.

Pay Bill SSO

Pay your bill with single sign on (SSO), No trouble of registration or login and directly perform your action.

Usage History

You may check your usage history using, mobile app instead of assuming it!

Leak Alert

We want to keep you safe that's why you get leakage alert if some trouble seems to approach.

High Usage Alert

Rely on Util360's mobile app, which reminds you and keeps you alert regarding resources consumption, so you may manage your utilisation.

Payment / Billing History

Check your payment history with mobile app and save your time, searching your previous bills.

Notification / Alert Settings

Change your settings; notification or alerts, anytime you want, according to your need.

Bill Due Reminder

Stay calm as Util360's mobile app reminder will remind you to pay your bill on time and would keep reminding, in case you procrastinate.

Past Due Reminder

forgot to pay the bills? Util360 mobile app would remind you to pay your due payments.

Service / Location Details

Your service details along with your billing info details.

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