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Identification & Documentation

A wide range of sources are involved in the identification of the problem and then its documentation. Our efficient enough ticketing system would be able to identify problems from various sources including; phone calls, walk ins, emails, social media platforms or self-service on the end of client.


When the ticket is identified and captured, it is then recorded in the system to align according to the priority, urgency and relevant department.


At any point and time, the customer can ask any question or check the status of work through ticket; likewise, the employee can alert the customer regarding updates and resolutions. With the help of a proficient ticketing system, soon after the customer logs response on the ticket, the employee can address it within no time.


Furthermore, the solutions of previously resolved issues are saved in knowledge base, therefore, after the ticket is recorded, our professional ticketing system would take guidance or signs from the knowledge base in case the current problem is similar to the previous one.


In case the problem occurred is a new one then the ticket is revolved until it reaches the desired department and the employee along with the customer receives the ticket and the member starts working on it.

Resolving ticket

After the problem is successfully resolved either the customer or the employee can close the ticket. Whereas it can be reopened at any point and time if any one of them has an additional question or query to discuss.

When your business is expanding and your customer service cases start increasing day by day, then it’s time to choose a proficient ticketing system, which allows you to manage, prioritize and resolve your issues and pave way for more friendly and trustworthy customer care solutions.

Extending Your Digital Reach
While Keeping a Physical Distance

ETM Features

Enterprise Ticket Management framework provides client benefit software that allows your company to oversee your service and support cases. The efficient framework makes a "ticket" which records client demands and their concerned issues over time, and circulates it within departments until it reaches the concerned one, making it simpler for your customer service members to address the complicated issue and resolve them with in short period of time.


The foremost benefit of the ticketing system is to organize large amount of customer support cases to provide convenience to customer care department. Employees can easily manage multiple cases with in a day as each ticket is labeled and therefore it can be prioritized.

Knowledge Base

One of the prominent features of ticketing system is that it centralizes the information. All the tickets are stored in software therefore the customer or employee can search for particular ticket. Besides, the solutions are stored in it which provides the opportunity to the employee to look into previous cases and there solutions and utilize them in case they match one another.

Improves Company Reliance

The problems or issues are resolved with proficient ticketing system and allows the customer to trust and rely on the company and it paves way to future benefits as well.


It allows the customer, as well as the employee to communicate with one another and inform, update and discuss the relevant queries. Customer may ask any question or concern by logging the ticket and it could be addressed by the employee with in no time.

Saving time and money

Instead of spending money on manual hands, you may rely on ticketing management system which would allow you to focus on major important issues along with saving time.

Satisfied Customers

With the help of organized and systematically working software, the issues are resolved in bulks. Moreover the categorization allows the company’s employee to work on issues based on urgency, relevancy and priority. All of this leads to quicker solutions of problem which consequently satisfies the customer.

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