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Enterprise Service Order Management (ESOM)

Design, assign, schedule, and manage service-based and meter-based service orders. It offers enterprise-level services in order management and gives clients the edge of reliability. It makes it easy to manage resources, track events, and monitor Workflow in real-time. UTIL360 ESOM delivers the first-of-its-kind solution for service order automation designed specifically for utility process optimization in the age of smart meter technology. With UTIL360 ESOM, utilities leverage a centralized, predictive model to improve operational efficiency and drive down costs and execute a perfectly orchestrated, streamlined smart meter program.

Some of the key features are listed below:-

  • Improve workforce efficiency and deliver service excellence with enhanced service order management.
  • Protect technology investments by driving them to peak performance..
  • A mobile application empowers field technicians with the tools to do their jobs anytime, anywhere. View and pinpoint open service orders on a map using GIS data.
  • Smarter head-end and AMI integration structure
  • Embedded service order task flows
  • Centralized view of service orders in progress through the management dashboard
  • Create work orders from meter reading trouble codes.
  • Enable field techs to create, allot, debrief and update field work orders
  • Enable the field techs to update work orders using their mobiles, both offline and online
  • Minimize the expenses by properly tracking the parts, technician time, and labor costs
  • All work orders can be tracked, organized, and edited using the Work Order Management screen
  • Streamline meter service processes and eliminate manual work
  • Synchronize CIS, EDM, and mobile workforce systems for peak performance

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