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Enterprise Employee Self-Service Portal Management (ESS)

Watch trust and motivation levels go up when employees gain access to the employee portal and have online access to their payroll and other information. There are endless rewards to reap - better communication, standardized processes, faster turnaround times, transparency, engagement, and superior quality.

How can ESS benefit your business?

  • View personal information, such as payslips, personal details, etc.
  • Access, download, and print any official documents and letters published onto the ESS by the Human Resources or Payroll personnel for you.
  • Access, download, and print the latest company policies, forms, and employee handbook published onto the ESS by the Human Resources or Payroll personnel.
  • View your attendance information.
  • Just like any social network, view, like, and comment on real-time company updates, events, and news on our Social Feeds section.
  • View leave balances (across all leave types) and holiday details.
  • Employees and managers can apply for and approve or reject leaves/ restricted holidays, respectively, based on leave balances and project requirements.
  • Manage attendance regularizations.

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