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Key Benefits of the EUD

Our Solution is designed for your needs to ease the running of operations. It is developed to improve your Distributors’s efficiency internally thanks to revenue assurance and network reconciliation capabilities; providing a cost-effective tool to meet your Distributing Needs.

Agency Communicator

We provide cutting edge technology embracing automation to give your utility Distributors the flexibility for rapidly changing commercial and regulatory environments.

Powerful Rule Engine

Automate Tasks and Distribution Processes through EUD's Advance Rule Engine. Industry best rules system to manage Service programs, Service Reclassification / certification processes

Complete Solution

Equip your utility with the edge it needs to thrive Your one-stop shop for innovative, Cost-Effective, Customisable Utility Distribution Management Solution.

Features to look out for

Some of the key features include:

  • Middleware Technologies
  • Hyper Cryptic Billing Information
  • EDI Compliant
  • Re-Classification and Retro Billing
  • Reduced Data Entry
  • Wholesale Repository
  • Cloud Access for Storage

Boost Productivity with Buil-in Tools

From small suppliers to large Distributors or EUD centralizes Data , Simplifies processes , connects Agencies to Agencies.

  • Embedded Advanced Analytics
  • Super Advanced Rule Engine
  • Data Visualizations
  • Notifications
  • Alerts
  • Comprehensive Reports both Custom and Ad-hoc
Extending Your Digital Reach
While Keeping a Physical Distance

One Solution for Critical Challenges

Utility organizations rely on EUD to ensure your assets and infrastructure are safe and reliable. Providing an ultra-secure service for both customers and agencies and a complete ERP solution for Distributing utilities.

Execute your day-to-day business functions with efficiency and ease. This extensive suite of software solutions provides everything a Distribution Utility Agency needs.

Provides Reliability Without Interruption

Leverage a digital Operations Platform to meet Modern Distribution Demands.

Use full-cycle Asset Management for Utilities that focus on Reliability, Sustainability, and Risk Management.

Achieve high availability, data security, and elasticity with modern utilities software

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