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Util360 Enterprise Payroll Managment (EPM)

EPM Payroll is more than just processing employee checks - it’s about automating the entire payroll process from start to finish. This application is perfect for any sized organization that does its own payroll. The Payroll application provides end-to-end processing and reporting, allowing to track employee checks, leave time and employer benefit expenses. Flexible reporting allows entering all necessary information in one central location and provides the means to easily grow and adapt the payroll processes as the needs of the organization change. Discover what stress-free processing really feels like.

Some of the key features of Enterprise Payroll Management are enlisted:

  • Employee Management: It has Employee detailed information management.
  • Compensation Management: It maintains current salary pay head information, benefits, and monthly processing.
  • Tax Management: It deposits to the bank account directly and it is tax compliance.
  • Leave Management: It maintains leave record of the employee.
  • Reports, Pay Slips & Forms: It creates payroll-based reports, employee salary-slip and other regulatory forms.

How Can Util360 EPM Benefit Your Business?

  • It automatically tax filing. No need to understand complex tax legislation.
  • It generates accurate payslips.
  • Changes made in the pay-heads will be automatically reflected in the employee salaries across the organization in real time.
  • Deposit directly to the employee’s bank account.
  • It stores data such as payslips and annual reports in a secure, easily accessible system
  • It automates certain tasks, such as year-end reporting
  • It has an ability to manage tax allocations that change every pay period.
Extending Your Digital Reach
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Technical Details

  • Supports hosted or cloud environment deployment.
  • Access all EPM logic via our RESTful API technology.
  • Audit and track changes made by a users
  • Supports SQL Server or Oracle.
  • Modules are developed in JAVA, PHP & Python according to need.
  • Based on the modern industry security standards.
  • 100% Up time.
  • Build on modern SqqS based cloud technologies.
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