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Enterprise Lien Management (ELM)

The system allows the utility to configure business rules and requirements as per the needs of the Lien process. The lien process runs automatically at a scheduled time to capture the accounts that meet the requirements set in the system. The system assigns the lien status to the identified accounts and starts communication with the customers. The criteria for picking up the lien are configurable such as the amount or number of days, etc.

Some of the key features are: -

  • Supports exclude cycles when generating a lien eligibility list
  • Supports to exclude based on the specific criterion for example account, account type, name, addresses, etc. when generating the lien eligibility list.
  • The system supports removing fees charged associated with a lien from the customers.
  • The system supports bill accounts on liens, which are open and active and using utility services.
  • The system tracks properties that have been sold, with the date sold, and the system can produce a report to identify these properties at any time.
  • The system charges interest on past active accounts.
  • The system prohibits the account from being changed to a new owner until proof of foreclosure is properly assigned to the account.
  • A user-defined message can be configured in the system.
  • A settlement stop date is placed on the lien amount so that the balance remains the balance presented at tax sale.

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