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Util360 Enterprise Human Resource Management

Util360 Human Resource Management helps you keep vital information on your most valuable assets - your employees. From recruitment to retirement this application is designed to keep track of sensitive information and keep you in compliance with federal information reporting. Regardless of the size of your organization take the Human Resource function to the next level. Reduce the cost of your hiring, generate on demand reports. Increase your organizations level of productivity as you track benefits, disciplinary action, grievance, endorsements, incidents, pay and position history. Stay in compliance with necessary federal requirement Including EEO and ACA reporting

Some of the key features of Enterprise Resource Management are enlisted:

  • Employee Module: It has Employee details and management.
  • Employee Benefits Administration: It benefits packages can range from basic Healthcare to a wide array of contributions, stock options, and more.
  • Hiring Management: It is filling open positions quickly and efficiently with top level talent.
  • Employee Self Service: Web-based employee self-services to access the employee information and work flow process. Employee can access their employee records in real- time which cuts down on questions asked to the human resources department.
  • Performance Management: It facilitates 30, 60, 90 day reviews, 360 degree reviews, annual performance reviews, and goal planning. 
  • Training: Certificate: It is a learning management system

How Can Util360 EHM Benefit Your Business?

The following are a few ways that EHM could help your company, even if everything seems to be humming along fine without it.

  • Frees Up Time for the Human Aspects of HR: It automates many mundane HR tasks. This frees up HR hours, allowing professionals to focus on the human elements of HR. Without so many burdens, more time can be spent resolving employee issues, creating incentive programs, and reaching out to employees in ways that enhance the organization culture.
  • Creates More Stringent Hiring Practices: Great employees push more dollars to the bottom line, and strict hiring practices can weed out the less-than-stellar candidates. All applicant information can be filed and found in one place, so notes about references, interviews, and qualifications can be viewed and compared with ease.
  • Improves Security of Sensitive Information:  Our EHM comes with encryption to protect against outside invasions and role access restrictions to safeguard against internal HR system threats. This can prevent breaches and keep information even more secure than manual organization systems.
  • Provides Actionable Insights: By reviewing previous years and months of labor statistics, turnover information, and hiring data, your Organisation may be able to improve HR operations. This will make your company a more attractive place to work, save money, and boost efficiency.

Technical Details

  • Supports hosted or cloud environment deployment.
  • Access all HRM logic via our RESTful API technology.
  • Audit and track changes made by a users
  • Supports SQL Server or Oracle.
  • Modules are developed in JAVA, PHP & Python according to need.
  • Based on the modern industry security standards.
  • 100% Up time.
  • Build on modern SqqS based cloud technologies.
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