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Implement Transparency for Your Utility

EFM provides unparalleled data access and analysis tools to help public sector entities implement principles of transparency, participation, and collaboration. It gives citizens 24/7 access to real-time data, engaging analytics that are easy to understand, while reducing the number of Freedom of Information Act (FIOA) requests your staff must handle.

Data your citizens want — anywhere, anytime

Customers access the system 24 hrs., there is no down time so why should you? Util360 offers 24X7 customer support.

Efficient to deploy and use

A Cloud Based Secured Solution that provides access from anywhere without the need of expensive hardware or significant maintenance costs

Intuitive charts and graphs for all audiences

Take advantage of the decades of experience we have working with 150+ utilities.

Meaningful Data, Accessible to All

Reduce Office Costs and Improve Efficiency

  • Budget data helps citizens learn the priorities of their government and how it impacts them and their neighborhoods
  • Expenditure data allows the public and internal stakeholders to easily understand complex financial information, including checkbook-level details of spending
  • Payroll data answers common questions such as total size of payroll, top employees, top departments, median pay, and more
  • Easy access to historical data provides year-over-year insights and trend analysis

Engaging and Easy to Use

Graphics are organized by category, department, function, and vendor which provides insightful information for internal stakeholders and citizens. This ready-to-deploy application publishes the details of your operating revenues and operating expenses onto your branded website.

  • Intuitive, Google-like search capabilities reach across your financial data
  • Interactive charts and graphs allow for easy analysis and understanding
  • Export functions facilitate sharing information both internally and externally
  • Real time reports help proactively identify issues, fraud, and trends
Extending Your Digital Reach
While Keeping a Physical Distance

Cost Effective and Efficient

Access the Open Finance portal directly from a school district or municipal website on desktops, tablets, or smartphones. As a cloud-based service, Open Finance does not require an additional hardware investment or on-site technical support.

  • Cloud-based implementation is efficient and easy
  • Reduces on-premises IT support and staff FOIA workloads
  • Customized data display options available

Connect Citizens to Government

Many finance officers can relate to spending significant time digging for information to respond to requests from elected officials, the public, or other departments. Oftentimes, answers require data from multiple departments, leading to a series of inquiries and dozens of emails. Connecting a government’s information to all stakeholders through publicly accessible portals not only empowers stakeholders to access accurate information on their own, (financial information isn’t held hostage when the finance officer is unavailable), it frees up the finance department’s time from tracking down, assembling, and passing on information.

When communication is two-way and allows residents to self-report 311 issues, automated systems can trigger work orders, asset deployment, employee scheduling, reporting, and more. This not only increases transparency, public service, and public trust, it provides personnel and asset costs as they occur, for increased financial insight and more informed decisions.

Connect Internal Processes

On the expense side of the ledger, connections create efficiencies that improve a government’s bottom line. Automated processes that move through integrated systems end redundant and manual data entry. Instead of employees in multiple departments keying in the same information, these employees are now free to work on more strategic priorities. At once, overtime is reduced, and data integrity is increased. Because the data stream is integrated and not siloed, all departments are looking at the same information. Having a “single source of truth” ensures that everyone is looking at and operating from accurate numbers.

Digitized documents can be attached to files or orders as they wind their way through the system, negating the need to file – and later retrieve – paper documents. Purchase orders and invoices are automatically attached to projects and remain accessible; a great help during audit season when supporting documentation may be needed.

Extending Your Digital Reach
While Keeping a Physical Distance

Implementation / Technical Details

  • Supports hosted or cloud environment deployment.
  • Access all EFM logic via our RESTful API technology.
  • Audit and track changes made by a users
  • Supports SQL Server or Oracle.
  • Modules are developed in JAVA, PHP & Python according to need.
  • Based on the modren industry security standards.
  • 100% Up time.
  • Build on modren SAS based cloud technologies.
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