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Enterprise Conservation Management (ECM)

UTIL360 has invested time and money exclusively in the Water Conservation Domain in the last couple of years. We have understood and felt that water is a critical component of ecosystems and a vital resource for communities and our operations around the world.

We believe that Water Conservation – Water Efficiency – Wasting Less Water – are all essential parts of adapting to save water programs and building resilience in our systems and tackling water usage. Water efficiency is an economic, social, and environmental opportunity – it has an important role to play in a green economy, big society, and safeguarding the environment.

UTIL360 has been fortunate to implement successfully smarter policies and regulatory frameworks for some of the Esteem Utilities. We have also incorporated regulatory reform, policies, and strategies to make homes more water-efficient.

The regulatory frameworks for water have successfully reflected the full, long-term value of water – not only its immediate price but also its wider value to society, the economy, the environment, wellbeing, health, and community cohesion, including scarcity value. With other measures, the regulatory framework has been linked to an overall per capita consumption reduction target set by Utilities.

Water Conservation Philosophy

UTIL360 Water Conservation Philosophy revolves around the following key tenets:-

UTIL360 Analytics Platform is a next-generation Machine Learning, Al & Cloud-based Water Loss Tracking Platform that will help our customers to track and monitor water use effectively by lowering the non-revenue water and be compliant with the state legislations.

  • Any beneficial reduction in water loss, use, or waste.
  • A reduction in water use is accomplished by the implementation of water conservation or water efficiency measures.
  • Predictive water usage profiles based on the Social and behavioral patterns
  • Improved water management practices that reduce or enhance the beneficial use of water conservation measures are an action, behavior, device, technology, or improved design or process implemented to reduce water loss, waste, or use.
  • Water Conservation is a tool of water conservation that results in more efficient water use and thus reduces demand. The value and cost-effectiveness of a water efficiency measure must be evaluated concerning its effects on the use and cost of water resources.

Water Audit

UTIL360 has successfully implemented Water Conservation Programs for our customers through the following Water Audit and Compliance Tools and Techniques.

  • Water User Survey.
  • Water Loss Audit.
  • Compliances.
  • Annual Conservation Report
  • Utility Profiles suited to the requirements of the consumers.
  • Water Conservation Plan.

Water Conservation Reports

Some of the key water conservation reports are:-

  • Monthly Water Loss Tracking SB 555
  • Daily/Weekly Water Loss Tracking SB 555.
  • Water Budget SB 606 Compliance.
  • AWWA Online Audit v5

Utility Goals

In a nutshell, We have achieved the following Utility goals by successfully implementing Water Conservation Programs:-

  • Reduce household water bills and combined with metering, giving people greater control over their water bills
  • Made water bills affordable for vulnerable households
  • Increase sustainable consumer behavior
  • Water efficiency made a very visible and effective element of society.

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