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Enterprise Billing Management (EBM)

Quickly and affordably address utility and non-utility billing needs. Get end-to-end rate management, usage and charge calculations, and bill preparation in an easy-to-manage and secure solution on UTIL360 Cloud:

Some of the key features are


Deploy, configure, and start billing quickly with a library of preconfigured rate and billing functions

Capture all the master data required to support billing

A one-stop-shop–solution that includes a 360-degree view of the customer, including start/stop, account management, premises management, customer contact, registration point, service agreements, and more.

Quickly and easily integrate with financial systems

API-based integration with ERP and other systems of record.

Powerful and scalable measurement data management

Efficiently manage and process all meter-related data, including validation, estimation, and edit (VEE) processing, usage management, bill determinant calculation and export, and billing-related data aggregation.

Rate Engine key features are :

A Dynamic Rate Engine

Support a wide range of simple to complex scenarios for rate management.

With Proven Accuracy

Provides rate calculations with precise multiple-decimal values as per rate engine.

Easy Rates Maintenance

Prebuilt calculation rules for simple-to-complex rates and copy-merge features make it easy to create new rates without coding.

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