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Customer information system (CIS)

UTIL360 Customer Information System is an AWS-certified solution, which is a multi-utility system that includes water, electricity, gas, solar, and others. It is a cloud-optimized customer platform that is a next-generation meter to a cash system.

UTIL360 CIS is an intuitive, dynamic, rich data-driven customer insights, easy-to-use interface, and seamless omnichannel engagement that allows customers to complete their tasks quickly and easily regardless of the device (including computers, tablets, and mobile smartphones) they are using. It enables the Utility to stay competitive in the rapidly changing technological environment. We deliver a Tier one customer platform that is standardized on industry best practices to take care of industrial risks and challenges With CIS, Utility gains a trusted technology partner to keep its technology current and its customer platform ready for the challenges ahead..

Some of the Distinguishing Features:

Real-Time Leak Alerts

A smart water leak detection alert pinpoints to the most invisible water

Consumption Trends

A graphical view of consumption comparison in the neighborhood .

Electronic Payments

View and pay your bill online.

Targeted Customer Communications

Define target audience as per business/programs.

Household water use comparisons

Social Comparison as a Tool to promote Residential water conservation.

Customized savings recommendations

Tips for saving water and money.

Top-Notch Customer Services

Exceeding the customer's expectations, not just meeting them.

Group Messenger for mass customized outreach

Mass customized outreach at express speed.

Rebate program participation metrics

Promote programs to alleviate market failures that may hamper the adoption of water-efficient technologies

Customer Segmentation and geospatial analytics

Offers a more personalized service to end-customers, by understanding their consumption trends.

Major Benefits to Customers

Utility end-users get peace-of-mind by Leak Alerts, My Use Notifications, and Bill Forecast Notifications.

  • Advanced leak alert algorithm detects and alerts customers about potential leaks.
  • My Use Notifications notify customers when their water use is higher than normal.
  • Bill Forecast Notifications inform customers before the billing cycle.
  • Customers can choose to receive alerts and notifications by email, text, and voice.
  • Alerts and notifications are available regardless of meter type (AMI, AMR, manual read).

Major Benefits to Customers

Utility customers access the Portal for a more detailed analysis of their water use and a suite of self-service solutions.

  • A single place for customers to get context on their water use, bill, check, and resolve leaks.
  • Bill Explainer for automated self-help for customers to identify and resolve concerns over high bills.
  • Electronic Bill Presentment and Payments to view and pay bills online.
  • Interactive money and water-saving recommendation library.
  • Available in both English and Spanish and can be configured in 10 more languages

Major Benefits to Customers

Utility staff access visually insightful analytics, reporting, and customer relationship tools through an easy-to-use interface.

  • Group Messenger module for mass customized outreach.
  • Build custom Lists for additional water-use analysis or messaging to groups of customers.
  • Create and publish digital forms to gather customer information with ease.
  • Program performance reporting.
  • Customer segmentation and geospatial analytics.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) capabilities.
  • Rebate program participation metrics.

UTIL360 and its Client – A Combined Workshop

The workshop is critical for understanding the goals and business needs of the new project. The workshop is a specific activity that aims to put key stakeholders in a room together for the specific purpose of ideating and defining the project objectives, requirements, and expected outcomes per the project..

  • In our experience, Clients appreciate the effort and investment made to reach out to them and seek to align our products and services to their needs.
  • We have developed a robust process to ensure that this critical analysis is efficiently and effectively undertaken. The process is based upon the value of pre-workshop research and the inclusion of all key stakeholders, therefore, ensuring relevance and a valid shared vision and ownership..

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