Enterprise Business Intelligent Dashboard (EBID)

BI dashboard provides Real-time insights into organizational performance over time and a comparative, normalized score on key operational, financial, and customer engagement dimensions. BI provides all the data in a powerful yet simple visual representation of data.

Some of the key features are: -

  • Ability to identify when a customer makes changes to their profile
  • Tracking of customer requests and inquiries
  • The ability to store and display three years of data for immediate real-time access in both the reporting engine and the customer presentment interface
  • Ability to export data in standard data presentation format (i.e., Excel)
  • Consumption analytics across all meters, regardless of meter type
  • Drill down data by changing parameters (date, source, impact, etc.) as per the requirement.
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Data Visualization
  • Choose the format—bar graphs, pie charts, sparklines, etc.—to reflect data analysis results.
  • Organize the dashboard visuals under different tabs or buttons to help avoid any clutter.
  • Get alerts via email or text message when key metrics change in the dashboard.
  • A simple and easy-to-use dashboard that supports visuals such as heatmaps
  • Easy to Understand and Read
  • Cloud Accessibility
  • Embedded analytics
  • Natural language processing

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