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Enterprise Customer Management (ECM)

The UTIL360 ECM acts as a single source of truth for the business and provides a 360° view of the customers, by capturing and combining customer experiences in one place. Built on a cloud platform that incorporates best practices and applied emerging technologies, UTIL360 Cloud ECM offers tools simple enough for business users to manage, yet powerful enough for developers to extend. UTIL360 ECM applications are innovative and flexible and provide consistent performance and security.

Some of the key features are:-

  • Build modern customer experiences on a powerful platform
  • United Customer Data Platform
  • Unified customer profile
  • Customer profile enrichment.
  • Real-time, smart segmentation
  • Customer analytics
  • Process automation
  • Application Security Management
  • Actionable intelligence
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Behavioral Intelligence
  • Customer data platform
  • Content management
  • AI Analytics
  • Chatbots
  • Identity and Access Management

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