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Smarter solutions to drive efficiency and innovation

UTIL360 invests in innovative digital solutions that inspire water providers in achieving their water conservation goals efficiently and effectively.

UTIL360 water utility practice has the deep industry and digital experience that water and waste water processing utilities need to drive new business value—from perfecting the customer experience to providing clean and safe water sustainably.

Digital Customer Service

It provides customers robust account management for consumption, billing, history, and payments along with alerts and notifications on the services chosen across various digital channels.

UTIL360 and its Client – A Combined Workshop

The workshop is critical for understanding the goals and business needs of the new project. The workshop is a specific activity that aims to put key stakeholders in a room together for the specific purpose of ideating and defining the project objectives, requirements, and expected outcomes per the project..

  • In our experience, Clients appreciate the effort and investment made to reach out to them and seek to align our products and services to their needs.
  • We have developed a robust process to ensure that this critical analysis is efficiently and effectively undertaken. The process is based upon the value of pre-workshop research and the inclusion of all key stakeholders, therefore, ensuring relevance and a valid shared vision and ownership..

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