Util360’s Integrated System

Util360’s Integrated System

Util360 works as an integrated SaaS system in which multiple web-based applications are served. Util360 understands the Reasonability of maintaining and providing an efficient hardware and software infrastructure which is the foremost requirement to meet technological needs.

In this manner, the customer can focus on other aspects of the business to make it prosper. This is the most suitable solution one could desire, and besides these advantages, you may operate it from anywhere and anytime without restricting yourself.

The most difficult and crucial decision is to choose among software to manage different departments. When the business starts to expand, the foremost priority is accelerating revenue goals and occasionally installing multiple applications to fulfill the needs. But these segregated applications lead to business inefficiencies and numerous integration problems. Along with these complexities, it requires double man force to tackle the issues and paves the way for additional problems. 

These problems can be solved through Util360’s integrated solutions that you may check or operate sitting anywhere, anytime. Firstly, let’s explore what the infrastructure of a segregated application looks like and what problems it causes. Then you can find out how Util360’s professional system could benefit you and organize your business activities. 

Infrastructure of Business Incorporating Segregated Applications

A steadily expanding company can become entangled due to complex and multiple applications. When the business starts, company management installs software to manage their bookkeeping.

Lately, to expand the customer community, they have opted for management systems; along with these systems, they launch particular portals to deal with customer care problems. Multiple software and spreadsheets are utilized to address the issues of Inventory management, order management and fulfillment systems. 

Furthermore, to maximize the top-line revenue, the company moves towards expanding the business to multiple locations and launching additional sales channels, prompting E-commerce integration, recurring billing, and financial consolidation. Companies opt for applications from various vendors and homegrown applications to support these channels and processes, thus making the system even more complex.

Businesses that evolve their systems over time in this manner can find themselves with a poorly planned infrastructure that handles short-term tactical needs sub-optimally while holding the company back from scaling efficiently over the long term. This tangled web of segregated business software systems, often called a “software hairball,” inhibits flexibility and productivity, ultimately slowing down the company’s ability to grow.

Challenges Paved due to Segregated Infrastructure

When expanding companies go for multiple applications, then multiple problems are caused. These problems grow gradually as the company keeps expanding. Here are the few top most complex challenges that companies might face:

Employee productivity wasted

Every employee operates optimally when the company starts its journey toward expansion and growth. This journey is often hindered when the employees face problems due to a disjoint and disconnected system which also paves the way for errors and consumes long enough time to keep employees from actual tasks. Operations such as order processing, invoicing, expense approvals, and fulfillment are time-consuming tasks, and miscommunication makes it complex and takes double the effort and time.

Lack of real-time visibility

 When software systems are un-integrated, you have multiple overlapping databases and need help to easily get a view of business performance in a timely fashion. Reports showing performance across your finance, sales, marketing, service, and fulfillment departments are crucial to giving you an integrated view of your company’s operations. 

Most companies simply give up on acquiring this information regularly because of the time it takes to source, extract and analyze this data. For those who do, countless hours are wasted trying to tie unrelated, error-prone, and outdated information together. Consequently, businesses either make critical decisions slowly based on inaccurate information or make hasty and risky decisions based on gut instinct.

Maintenance and excessive costing

When multiple applications are involved, IT wastes a lot of time and money to integrate, maintain and acquire the latest versions of applications. Sometimes, such a situation might occur when an IT team purchases an application's latest versions and still requires additional integration and maintenance to work with other software. Therefore, it wastes time and money, which is worth saving and utilizing for deserving operations.

Ineffective customer support

Customer support and acquisition and a healthy customer-employee relationship are the key fundamentals on which a company grows and makes its mark. Due to ferocious competition in the market, if the services slow down for even a moment, customers would simply shift their dimensions and move on to the next best company providing efficient services. If the customer has to get information, find the status of an order or Contact the company repeatedly, it will exasperate one automatically. Therefore, companies require a solution or software that works with integration and provides a system that is well connected and provides customer information portals that they can access anytime and anywhere.

Util360’s Integrated System

To keep your company on the journey toward success and growth, util360 provides integrated application software under a single Codebase, database and business process. The mere purpose of designing a system that is integrated is to provide you with professional business affairs management along with the following multiple advantages:

Operation efficiency

Order management, fulfillment, invoicing, cash collection, expense approvals, and financial consolidation are normal processes in your business routine. Automating these processes would not give you an organized flow of operations, but it would save you time and money. To carry out these processes, you require multiple workforces, but automating these processes would not benefit you in terms of saving money. Still, the whole system would run in an organized manner.

In an ROI study by independent analyst firm Nucleus Research, Nucleus found that, by using an integrated suite, companies accelerated their close financial times by up to 50%, increased sales productivity by 12.5%, and increased inventory turns by 50%, amongst other efficiencies. In the same study, another customer, Advantage Sign Supply, cut its order processing time by 66%.

Improved real-time data visibility

With real-time data visibility, data could be accessed from anywhere and anytime without spending hours locating files. This encourages employees to decide in no time and perform accurately and generate outcomes that are near perfection. Util360 provides such easily accessible data visibility that prompts faster decision-making.

Cost-effective and time-saving

When IT no longer needs to install and maintain applications and spend hours integrating them, operational costs could be reduced significantly. This time and money could be spent on more important and necessary operations.

Efficient growth

With the help of Util360’s integrated software, expansion to additional locations and channel launching could be much easier due to unified order. Util360 provides the edge to its customers to manage multiple locations from one platform. You may interact with your customers more efficiently due to improved visibility.

Util360 - One Step Away from You

Your success is just one step away from you, and that step is filled by Util360’s efficient services and integrated software. There are enormous companies taking advantage of our integrated solutions and growing at an unexpected pace. 

In contrast, some are still struggling to organize and manage their operations and solve employee productivity issues. Integrated software undoubtedly evolved how companies run, manage and organize tasks under one platform, guiding companies towards growth and unimaginable profit.